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Pediatric Nurturing Touch Massage Therapy

Massage for children who are healthy or who may have special needs


Nurturing Touch is providing healthy touch for children throgh the use of massage techniques to increase well-being and mindfullness for kids. What is great about Nurturing Touch tecniques is that even if the child is unable to receive Pediatric Massage therapy, we can use our Nurturing Touch techniques to still provide the benefits needed and gained through Pediatric Massage Therapy.


Pediatric Massage is more of a grasping, kneading, pulling technique, whereas Nurturing Touch is a light, gentle touch.

 Both of these are used during our Pediatric Massages, and both are trained to parents during our sessions!!!  This provides time for parents/guardians time to bond with the child.


Both techniques are different in that we will massage children who are fully clothed, and sometimes use tactile toys (sanitized and BPA free of course) incorporated into massage stories for kids.  This is not your typical adult massage. 


Each child is different and we work patiently with you and your child during each session.


The tecniques we use have been validated through research to help improve quality of life for many children with differing needs.

Our Motto: 


  • Allow children to be in control and safe

  • Instill trust and respect with child

  • Always get permission from child before begininng any treatment

  • Be patient

  • Give parents and siblings oppurtunities to bond with treated child and education on how to massage


The following benefits have been taken from documents research studies regarding infants, toddles, children and teens.

  • Improved sleep patterns

  • Improved bowel movements without the use of depositorys

  • Lower depression, anxiety, and/or agression

  • Decrease stress hormone levels

  • Greater weight gain in Infants with increase food absorption

  • Increase in fine and gross motor skills for children with Down Syndrome

  • Children with Leukemia have increased white blood cell count and decreased depression

  • Increase "communication" related touch for preschoolers vs. "task" related touch

  • Reduced spasticity, less rigid muscle tone overall, and improved fine and gross motor skills for children with Cerebral Palsy

  • Increased positive responses to touch (touch aversion decreases) and more "on-task" behavior with children with Autism

  • ADHD children fidget less after massage sessions and mood state improves

  • Healthy bonding between parents/caregivers and children are establish

  • Teaching children about healthy touch

Scheduling and Forms

We care about your children's health and well-being.  That is why before we even meet your kids, we need to create a safe environment for children by being extremely safe in our work.  We have several forms that need to be filled out before we begin working on any child.


The first form you will need is the 'Pediatric Health History Form'.  This is a lengthy form that will need to be filled out by the parent/guardian of the child.  We have put this form right on our website for you to fill out and will be sent to us.  Once received we will send you over any additional forms that may need to be filled out by your pediatrician.