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​If you would like our services as an up-and-coming event to provide chair massages, gift certificates, or just a lending hand, please contact us below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please provide your company name and the date of the event in the subject line.

For all donated items, please note we do ask for a donation letter to be submitted to us for tax purposes.

Differently Abled Alternative Care

221 Ayrault Rd., Fairport NY 14450

Tel: 585-729-7072

What we have done the past....

Gift Certificate/Vouchers @ Silent Auctions:

Because we are a mobile massage business that caters specifically to people with disabilities and their families, we typically give Gift Vouc​hers that are like Gift Certificates to the families that are using the particular venue services.   For example if your company works with children who have special needs, you will auction of 10 vouchers for people to buy those children massages.

We have also just given Gift Certificates/Vouchers to be donated off at the event with the full knowledge that we will be coming to the patron.  We are not located in a building, so any Gift Certificates given will be reimbursed in the way that we operate as a mobile massage company.

Chair Massage @ Runs and Walk-a-Thons:


We provide chair massages at several different events.  Because we work on a variety of body types in our practice, working on the disabled at an event is typically not a problem for us, and we adapt to our environment and situations.  This is our favorite type of donation, because we get to be out in the public helping organizations.  We also donate any tip money we earn to these great causes.

Please note that we may ask for the following for you to provide at a Chair Event:

  • Fresh water or access to water; sometimes we provide our own bottled water              (THIS IS MORE OF A MUST HAVE!)

  • A tent or a safe covered area to work under

  • A 5 X 5 area for each therapist to work in.

  • An outlet to plug a CD player in so that we can have some lively music